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We asked the designers who are participating to Making Together to answer some questions about collaboration and design. Here’s what they told us.

What does collaborative and participative design mean for you?

Augusto Pirovano
Emerging design: half planning, so that the rest of the experience is spontaneous and at the same time directed to somewhere.

Matteo Uguzzoni
It means trusting one another, don’t pretend anything and understand that we designed experience, what we produce in the end is a nice monstrosity, but full of meanings and memories compared to any bought object, which carried meanings constructed by ads.

Andrea Valle
I’m not a designer, nor in my job life nor in my education, thus i don’t have a theoretical opinion about this. Dully, I can say that to me it means producing problems from interaction and learning from the solution interactive process.
It also means to keep together at a design and realization level histories, techniques and heterogeneous technologies. It is necessarily a non pure modality.

Demian Conrad
To collaborate is the principle of our nature, our dichotomy let us think we are alone and separated, and capitalism pushes us to individualism but actually the whole is connected. Collaborative design bring back the attention on collective mind, on a many hands project, which is the antithesis of the renaissance model.

Natascia Fenoglio
Sharing an idea with someone transforming it in something completely different from what I’ve imagined.

Dominic Wilcox
People combining their thoughts together to create something larger than the individual thoughts.

Stay tuned! Next days we’ll get to know better Augusto, Matteo, Andrea, Demian, Natascia and Dominic..

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